Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Two days worth of outfits in one post?  Why not?  I realize that I'm just getting warmed up here, but the end of April is hellishly busy.  Working in higher education in the capacity that I do means that there are three times of the year where things are truly moving at a breakneck pace: April - June, August - September, and December - January.  I'm getting less sleep these days, and I actually don't mind it because the weather is nice enough to put me in a cheerful mood.

Well.....the weather is nice enough most days.  As you can see, I had to pull out my tights for this outfit, and despite the smiles you see here, I was none too pleased about that fact.  Who wants to wake up to a 46 degree morning when you've already tasted the sweetness of 70 degrees at 8am?  Not me.

In an effort to fight against the black tights and boots, I tried to go for a pop of color and a subtle pattern mixture.  It might not show up well in these photographs, but the coral top has a burnt-out polka dot pattern which I opted to pair with a charcoal grey striped cardigan.  I don't know that it works so well, but I can say that having that color close to my face all day did help soothe my desire for breezy skirts and wedge sandals.
cardigan: hand-me-down Old Navy, top: F21, skirt: Michael Kors via TJ Maxx, boots: Via Spiga via eBay

 Today, the weather was a bit more aligned with my notions of "spring".  There was still a bit of a chill this morning, so I opted for pants.  These are the pink cousin to the khaki pants I wore in an earlier outfit. 
I have to say, I felt so confident today wearing these, which was a bit of a surprise given my neutral loving ways.  The shape is classic and flattering and the color really punches up the outfit.  I'm not quite sure about the shoe choice here (despite my deep and abiding love for those heels), but I'm quite pleased with everything else from the ankle up.
cardigan: Lands End Canvas, striped tee: old F21, hot pink pants: H&M, heels: Seychelles

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