Tuesday, September 10, 2013

seize the day.

thrifted oxford; Old Navy skinnies (OLD); Steve Madden sandals; Warby Parker frames

thrifted Theory shirt; LOFT cropped skinny pants; Me Too heels

I'm back with more Instagramed photos, you guys.  As the weather has been starting to cool down a bit, I've really been digging the ease of tomboy dressing.  There's something really nice about throwing on a button down and some pants and hitting the road.  I know most women would accessorize more heavily to counter the masculine nature of this sort of styling, but I've always been minimal when it comes to jewelry and continued to follow that mentality here.  I will say that something about dressing this way makes me feel kind of like a kid in the movie, "Newsies".  It's probably the cropped pants.

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