Thursday, September 19, 2013


A good idea for a list from The Daybook.  Here's my take:

Making: time for my friends, time for contemplation
Cooking: quinoa and veggies, balanced out with baked goods
Drinking: Americanos with hazelnut simple syrup and a splash of cream.  Keeps me alert but not edgy. 
Reading: Rick Steves' European travel guides, articles from The Atlantic, Huffington Post
Wanting: too many things (a Mini Cooper, a new wardrobe, someone to snuggle with as the weather gets colder)
Looking: at too many screens too frequently
Playing: with barbells and dumbbells and kettlebells at CrossFit three times a week
Wasting: time. more than I'd like to admit.
Sewing: nothing at the moment, but I've been working on knitting a scarf...
Wishing: for a restful night of sleep.
Enjoying: the change in seasons.  layers, and boots, and sweaters, oh my!
Waiting: for October 17.  with bated breath.
Liking: anything involving cinnamon.
Wondering: what traveling alone will really be like and who I might meet.
Loving: those nights on the porch with my roommates, fulfilling talks with my lady friends, learning that it's ok to not have everything figured out right now
Hoping: for definite answers instead of murky, confusing reasoning for certain questions
Marveling: at the way the light changes this time of year.  The Golden Hour is dripping with warmth.
Needing: to learn some basic German, Italian, and French...ASAP!
Smelling: fires burning at sunset, spiced muffins being baked, the leaves starting to turn
Wearing: cream sweater, burgundy cropped trousers, and taupe heels with mixed metal accessories. 
Following: the beat of my personal drummer.
Noticing: white hairs.  IT'S TOO SOON.
Knowing: that I am the only one who can ask for what I want/need.
Thinking: about love, about swapping out my warm/cold clothes, about taking a nap.
Feeling: sleepy.
Bookmarking: hostel options and travel advice blogs.
Opening: myself up to new ideas and experiences. 
Giggling: more frequently with my best girls.

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