Wednesday, July 3, 2013

things you'll never see me wear:

1: White shoes...of any kind. 
There is just something about them that reads "cheap" to my eyes when I see them on someone's feet.  Also, they'd probably blend into the pale skin I've got goin' on.  So, there's that.

2: Drop-waist dresses
This would just never work for my body type.  The only women who pull this off well are the waifish/boyish figured ladies, in my opinion.  There's also something about this that reads childish to me, and I'm looking to avoid that.

3: The color orange.  I just can't, y'all.  The closest I've been able to come is coral. 
4: Hair extensions.  Nope, never.
5:  Peplum.  I tried some of these tops on and felt absolutely ridiculous. 

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