Monday, July 1, 2013

pierced and painted

It's funny, no one has really noticed my tattoo or nose piercing, and I feel pretty great about it.  First of all, I didn't get either thing to be noticed or for people to ask me why I had them.  I chose to permanently adorn my body with things that I felt reflected the way I think and the way I see myself.  To have only a handful of people notice these things has only served to make me feel like I made the right decision by getting them in the first place.  It's seems to me that people haven't really noticed them because they just think they're normal outward expressions for me to have.

A few of my friends also have piercings and/or tattoos.  I love hearing some of the beautiful stories behind them and can't imagine these friends without their bodily adornments.  For instance, my friend J has a beautiful collection of flowers winding from her shoulder down part of her back; each flower represents a person in her life that means a great deal to her.  Another friend, A, has the title of the piece of music that has moved him most in life tattooed under his collar bone.  My other friend J has several piercings, and I can just tell that she feels most like herself when she's wearing them.  My own tattoo is a constant reminder to live life in the affirmative, even as time passes me by.

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