Wednesday, August 15, 2012

so, I went shopping.

Oh, Tax-Free Week...I simultaneously love and hate you.  You always cause me to spend more than I thought I would, but I LOVE what I snapped up today, so I guess it's alright.

We're all on a budget these days, and while I have my share of nicely tailored pieces (mostly found via consignment, eBay, or purchased after months of saving), I can't seem to help picking up items from checking account friendly places like Old Navy, Forever 21, and H&M.  If you know what to look for in terms of construction, material, and cut, I feel like it is possible to make items from these stores last more than one season.  My favorite ponte knit black pencil skirt is something I paid $13 for 3 years ago at F21.  And it looks pretty cute with my grey J.Crew wool blazer, I must say.  

I've been thinking for the last while about what sorts of items I'd like to add to my closet for my favorite season.  My fall wardrobe tends to fall heavily in favor of teals, mustards, wines, and tans, and I kept that in mind as I picked up the items you see above.  I can't wait to mix and match these pieces with what I already have!

Without further ado, here is what I snagged up (clockwise from top left):

Old Navy Rockstar Jeans in Camp Fire wash
Old Navy Rockstar Cords in Aniseed
- I have loved this particular fit in this pant since I discovered it last fall, as they're perfect for tucking into boots or wearing with heels or flats.  They have so many colors in this pant right now -- I encourage you to go try them on for size!
Old Navy Boat-Neck sweater in black/white stripe
F21 basic cream sweater
F21 Essential Sueded Shift Dress
- This dress has the potential to be very versatile.
F21 Double Breasted Knit Blazer (I can't find a link to this...)
F21/Love21 Knee-Length Bodycon Skirt
- So, I'm not sure how work-appropriate this skirt is, but that doesn't mean that I won't try to wear it there.  It's lined and the color is great with browns, greys, or blacks.
F21/Love21 Pintucked Pleats Shirt
F21/Love21 Oversized Y-Neck Top
- I was very excited to find both of these blouses!   I've been looking to incorporate more of these into my wardrobe, and this is a great way to get two colors I adore into further rotation.

I'll likely be purchasing a few other items (like shoes!) in the next couple of months, but I'm really excited about this start to my fall wardrobe!

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