Tuesday, July 10, 2012

let's hear it for New York


dress: H&M, shoes: Steve Madden via Nordstrom Rack, shades: Michael Kors via T.J. Maxx
There is now a photo that exists where I am singing "Empire State of Mind", the song made famous by Alicia Keys and one Jay-Z, while posing in this very dress on this very rooftop.  Did I post that here?  No. Why?  I look like a fool, that's why.  And besides, aren't a couple of these shots dramatic and hammy enough on their own?  New York City apparently brings out my propensity for over-acting, dahhhhling.  I figured I'd spare you guys. 

After the Fourth, I took a couple of days off from work to enjoy a long weekend in the city with my loving boyfriend, and wore this on a day where we explored Central Park, the Lower West Side, and the East Village.  It was a hot one, y'all, and I might've forgotten to put sunblock on my pasty white shoulders (sorry Mom!).  Let's just say that it now looks like I am wearing a shirt with the same neckline as this dress regardless of what I'm actually wearing. 

This is the only dress I have in my closet with the ever-so-trendy high-low hemline, and I have to say I love the subtle version this particular iteration offers.  I'm not always sure I can pull off things like this, and I doubt I'd be comfortable in some of the more exaggerated versions I've seen on others, but this worked out well for me.  Anyone else out there tried this trend on for size?  If so, what are your feelings about it?

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